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Spacemetric recent news

…airborne video, ENVI Orthorectification, OGC and Spacemetric…

Airborne video coming to Keystone

(7 April 2009) Spacemetric is working with the National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR) ( in the Netherlands to provide an airborne video data management and processing system based on the company’s Keystone server. This will form part of an NLR capability to provide a flying testbed for demonstrating Unmanned Airborne Vehicle (UAV) technologies that avoids the exclusion of UAVs from normal airspace by using a piloted aircraft.

The Keystone system will manage and geoprocess the airborne video imagery. On board the aircraft this will allow the video coverage to be reviewed during the flight. Meanwhile, the video imagery will be downloaded to the ground by radio link and be geoprocessed in near real-time to simulate a range of operational capabilities. The Keystone video functionality will support the NATO STANAG 4609 video standard.

Airborne video is an important new capability for Keystone and complements existing support for a wide range of airborne and spaceborne imagery. “We expect airborne video to be an attractive new addition for current and future defence customers” noted Lars Edgardh, Spacemetric CEO.

ENVI Orthorectification uses Spacemetric technology

(30 March 2009) ITT Visual Information Systems ( has announced the release of the ENVI Orthorectification Module incorporating methods from Spacemetric for rigorous image orthorectification.

At its core the new ENVI module uses the rigorous orthorectification technology developed and validated over many years by Spacemetric and its customers. This same technology is a core component of Spacemetric’s Keystone image management systems and provides high-accuracy image orthorectification for both satellite and airborne sensors.

The new ENVI Orthorectification Module provides a wizard-based approach to image orthorectification as an add-on to ENVI 4.6.

“The ENVI Orthorectification Module is unique because it was made specifically for non-photogrammetrists,” commented Ian Spence, Spacemetric’s Sales and Marketing Director. It offers a range of features including support for a broad range of sensors, block bundle adjustment, mosaic and cutline functions and workflow automation.

The ENVI Orthorectification Module is a clear example of the tangible value provided by Spacemetric’s technologies in the management and processing of geospatial imagery. Similar benefits are already being enjoyed by other Spacemetric customers in both the civilian and defence sectors.

Spacemetric joins Open Geospatial Consortium

(19 February 2009) Spacemetric announces that it has recently become a member of the Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc ® (OGC) (, the international industry consortium that leads the development of standards for geospatial and location-based services. Spacemetric has joined the OGC at the Technical Committee level, giving the company an active role in defining, approving and maintaining OGC standards.

Practical experience of using OGC standards at Spacemetric goes back more than five years and started when the company developed a Web Map Service (WMS) interface for the European Space Agency’s catalogue of satellite imagery. Today Spacemetric’s image management solutions are used by a growing list of customers and make ever increasing use of OGC standards. Commenting on the new affiliation, Spacemetric’s CEO Lars Edgardh noted that “joining the OGC as a voting member marks our commitment to OGC standards and indicates their key role in the systems and services we deliver to our customers”.

Spacemetric’s OGC membership makes the company an active participant in the development of geospatial standards and best practice. As a voting member of OGC, Spacemetric is almost unique in Scandinavia and joins a group of just thirty organisations in Europe and eighty worldwide with this level of involvement.

About Spacemetric

Spacemetric is a Swedish company providing geospatial image management solutions. Its customers include the Swedish cadastre, mapping and land registry authority, the Swedish Air Force, Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd. and the European Space Agency.

CONTACT: Ian Spence
TELEPHONE: +46 8 594 770 83

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