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Spacemetric awarded Copernicus data hub contract

Spacemetric has won an open procurement to build and operate a Copernicus data hub for Sweden’s space agency, the Swedish National Space Board. The so­called “SWEA” system is being implemented over the coming months with operations commencing already in early 2017.

“We are very pleased to have won the competitive process to provide the Copernicus data hub” says Mikael Stern, Spacemetric CEO, “clearly showing the technical and commercial credibility of our satellite data solutions”.

The SWEA data archive is the long­term solution for the storage and distribution of imagery from the Sentinel satellites of the European Copernicus programme for Earth observation. It will host imagery from the the various microwave and optical sensors of the Sentinel satellites, providing automated access, visualisation, processing and delivery of products from these data to users in Sweden. In addition, the data hub will provide a service interface, making it possible for users from the public sector and commercial companies to deploy their own algorithms, workflows and services. This will leverage the data and infrastructure resources of the hub, enabling the creation of new products and services based on satellite imagery.

“SWEA is a key component in our continuing investments in Earth observation and secures Copernicus data for Swedish users” commented Karin Holmquist of the Swedish National Space Board.

Full-swath Sentinel 2 data over Sweden in false colours

About Spacemetric:

Spacemetric is a leading provider of image management solutions for satellite and airborne sensors, delivering enhanced data access and streamlined processing from image acquisition to analysis. Solutions are built around the company’s Keystone Image Management System which forms the core of our engagements with sensor operators, data providers and solution integrators to meet demanding operational needs.

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