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Space Technologies: from New Capabilities to Current Issues

The Industrial age has been succeeded by the Information age, which defined social, economic and political relations in a different way.

The three key global information technologies in the context of geospatial data shall include the Internet, satellite navigation and Earth imagery from space. Rampant growth of the number of Earth imageries from space, improvement of imagery quality as well as simplification and cost reduction of information use promote its large-scale implementation not only in the economic processes but also in the everyday human activities.

A wide range of issues concerning space imagery applications as well as issues and prospects of the Earth remote sensing industry development will be discussed by participants of the Fifth International Conference “Earth from Space — the Most Effective Solutions”, which will take place from November 29 to December 2, 2011 in the Vatutinki resort hotel located in the Moscow Region (

The following issues will be discussed during plenary and poster sessions, workshops, round table discussions, master-classes, exhibition, WEB & GIS mini-conference, and free consultations on legal aspects of ERS data applications:

— space imagery as a tool for efficient upgrade of the Russian economy;
— goals and objectives of the state policy in the satellite imagery sector;
— issues and prospects of satellite development in the XXI century;
— a private-public partnership in the industry: domestic and foreign experience;
— a single supplier of satellite imagery data to state bodies – pluses and minuses;
— the geospatial component for e-government system;
— the synergy of military and civil space imagery technologies;
— use of open satellite images and web-services for national defense;
— the restriction on application of super resolution satellite data – enforcement of national security or an obstacle to economic development?
— institutional and legal industry working environment;
— satellite data influence on economic development: investments in the ERS industry – issues and prospects;
—use of space imagery in large infrastructure and industry projects;
— interdepartmental cooperation and interaction of large companies in the area of satellite data application;
— operational services for emergency monitoring, management and response (fire, seasonal and flash floods, and offshore zones);
— development of navigation maps on the basis of space images;
— application of space data for achievement of nature protection objectives;
— integration of satellite data, GIS and WEB technologies;
— topical issues of applying satellite methods in the higher education system;
— technologies and tools of satellite imagery processing;
— specifics of satellite data applications in territorial management from a federal district to a municipality.

The “Earth from Space – the Most Effective Solutions” conference is held biennially. In 2009 it was attended by over 500 representatives of 270 organizations from 27 countries.

In parallel with the key events of the conference the exhibition will be held intended to demonstrate along with the latest developments in the area of Earth remote sensing the experience of satellite monitoring application in various economy branches as the basis of cost-effective operating systems.

Anybody interested can attend the conference! Please register on the website before November 10.

=The conference is organized by: SCANEX Research and Development Center, “Earth from Space” Association, and Non-Profit Organization “Transparent World”
=The Platinum Sponsor: GeoEye Company. The Golden Sponsor: ImageSat Int. N.V.
=The Silver Sponsors: Astrium GEO, MDA, Hitachi Solutions, GIA «Innoter» companies.
=The Webcast Sponsor: “Racurs” Company