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Software Prototyping and Mobile App Development

GISAT is a member of the consortia contracted by ESA to prove and establish a mechanism to reduce technical risks in the development of the Earth Observation Ground Segment by means of rapid prototyping for new concept and technology assessment.

Earlier this year, ESA released an open invitation to tender for an activity encompassing software prototyping and mobile app development. The contract was awarded to an international consortium led by Solenix Deutschland GmbH (DE) with TERRASIGNA Srl (RO), GISAT s.r.o. (CZ), Progressive Systems Srl (IT) and Qualteh JR Srl (RO) as subcontractors. The framework contract will span over three years and host multiple individual projects.

The aim of the project is to enable fast development of small applications and to support the modernization of infrastructure elements. It establishes a practical innovation process using software prototyping as a way to evaluate new technologies and concepts, and assess possible solutions under real conditions. In complement to innovation, this contract also pursues a public relations and educational goal. The purpose of the contract is also to promote ESA’s activities, and products in the Earth Observation domain to users, scientists and the general public in order to increase awareness and facilitate exploitation of the Earth Observation data. The general public has a limited view and knowledge of the systems behind, their capabilities and the data they produce. Intuitive and attractive applications, especially mobile and connected to social platforms, can bridge the gap between non-scientists and advanced technologies such as satellites and ground segments.

In both areas presented above and following a well-established process, the consortium collects ideas from different stakeholders into a backlog. With the involvement of the Technical Officer, the items in this backlog are then prioritized and further refined for implementation. The selected applications and prototypes are implemented and proposed to their target audience.

A set of initial applications/prototypes has been defined and included in the first Work Order of the contract:

  • Sentinels App (for promotion purposes only)
  • Educational App for EO
  • Near-real-time Image Viewing App for third-party optical missions
  • ESA EO Datasets App (Demonstration of OpenSearch to access ESA catalogues)
  • PDGS Video App
  • SAR False Color prototype

More information about the project can be found on ESA website

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