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Socio-Economic Benefits Analysis of GMES

Socio-Economic Benefits Analysis of Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES)

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP along with ESYS Consulting plc and DNV
(the Consortium) have been contracted by the European Space Agency
(ESA), in cooperation with the European Commission (EC), to perform a
socio-economic benefits study of Global Monitoring for Environment and
Security (GMES), an initiative being developed jointly by the EC and
ESA, with the objective of establishing by 2008 a European capacity for
global monitoring of environment and security.

The objectives of the study are to:
Characterise and evaluate the overall benefits and impact resulting from GMES implementation;
Produce a political and strategic view of the benefits and impacts due to GMES implementation;
Evaluate benefits against cost envelopes from an economic perspective;
Understand the variation in benefit resulting from different implementation levels for GMES;

The Consortium will be undertaking a comprehensive consultation
exercise during the spring and summer of 2005 and will be contacting
key GMES stakeholders shortly. We welcome input from the Earth
Observation community on the perceived benefits of GMES and the
mechanisms by which these benefits can be demonstrated and quantified.
The Consortium can be contacted by email.