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SMOS-Box version 2.3. and BEAM 4.11 released

(03.06.2013) SMOS-Box version 2.3. released

This software adds a new processing-tool to the BEAM SMOS-Box that allows for converison of native SMOS data products to NetCDF 4.
In addition, the BEAM SMOS Reader Plug-in has been updated to handle SMOS-schemas up to version v05-02-01.

The installer for SMOS-Box 2.3 can be downloaded from the Beam download page

(03.06.2013) BEAM 4.11 released

The BEAM team is happy to announce that we have released BEAM 4.11 on June 03rd, 2013.

BEAM 4.11 is shipped with a number of new features, of which the most prominent are:

  • the Time Series Tool has been included into BEAM, allowing users to create, visualise, inspect, and analyse time series of EO data
  • the new Temporal Percentile Operator has been introduced; it allows users to perform multiple kinds of gap-filled, spatiotemporal percentile computations
  • a dedicated OPeNDAP client which provides an easy interface to arbitrary OPeNDAP servers has been added
  • NetCDF4 data export, allowing users to write compressed data in HDF5-based NetCDF4 format

Additionally, we have dropped and replaced some outdated parts of BEAM in order to keep it lean. It goes without saying that the new release also encloses a number of bug fixes, which can be inspected at our BEAM issue tracker

For a complete list of changes please refer to the changelog

The installers for BEAM 4.11 can be downloaded from the BEAM download page