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Simularity and Spacemetric Team to Improve Anomaly Detection

13 March 2017 Spacemetric and Artificial Intelligence experts Simularity are partnering to improve pinpointing of significant changes in huge volumes of digital imagery.

With rapidly increasing volumes of imagery from satellite and other platforms, such as drones and video sensors, the challenge is to extract the anomalous changes from the predictable, everyday ones and spurious noise. Suppression of noise is a key factor determining the quality of change results, with poorly aligned data a major source of false signals and accurate geometrical coregistration of the imagery a critical but often overlooked prerequisite.

Simularity is the AI company that has developed the Automatic Image Anomaly Detection System (AI-ADS). They found a perfect match in Spacemetric’s Keystone technology which enables high-accuracy image coregistration to give customer’s true true “tip and cue” intel from their data. This high-fidelity information source has a wide range of applications such as identifying unexpected activity in remote areas, spotting illegal development in urban areas and monitoring border regions for potential threats.

“Until now, it’s been a real challenge for us to have properly aligned images for our AI to learn what’s normal on the ground, and then detect when something significant happens in an area of interest. With Spacemetric’s Keystone platform, not only can our customers get faster and more accurate anomaly predictions, but to do this from a broad range of image sources including drones and video makes this a game changer”
– Liz Derr, CEO, Simularity Inc.

“Smart change detection is something our customers are asking for, so by applying the Simularity AI-ADS to our image data we can deliver powerful insights to them in a timely manner”.
– Bob Moll, Managing Director, Spacemetric BV.

Simularity AI-ADS differentiating a localised fire as “Hotspot Anomaly” in Syria

About Spacemetric: Spacemetric is a leading provider of image management solutions for satellite and airborne sensors, delivering enhanced data access and streamlined processing from image acquisition to analysis. Solutions are built around the company’s Keystone Image Management System which forms the core of our engagements with sensor operators, data providers and solution integrators to meet demanding operational needs.