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Simularity and Geospatial Enabling Technologies (GET) Sign Partnership MOU

Exploiting a huge volume of free available Copernicus System Sentinel-2 satellite data, being collected daily, can be easily and effectively only with the use of artificial intelligence. This is what our partnership with Simulirity provides to us, through Simularity’s artificial intelligence solution for satellite data, Automated Image Anomaly Detection System (AIADS). This solution massively provides the capacity to detect land use changes in time series of big volume satellite imagery (e.g. Sentinel-2), in a very simple, effective and successful way (

The image shows an example of automated land use detection in Sentinel-2 imagery at the area of Chalkidiki

Our investment in Earth Observation field is continuous and we are able, in a daily basis, to provide dynamic access via OGC services to satellite data of Copernicus System, as well as to automate processing of huge volume data via dynamic artificial intelligence tools for land use detection. Analysis result is diffused through web mapping contemporary tools, following standards and methodology implied by Inspire and PSI Directives leading to the substantiated decision making in almost real time via contemporary tools (dashboards).