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SENTINEL-3, higher resolution, more detailed data

How can we monitor the effects of global warming, optimize management of our freshwater resources, help traditional local fishermen exploit marine resources in a sustainable way, and ensure a safe route for skippers in solo round-the-world races?

The data from the European Sentinel-3 satellite, combined with the know-how of the scientific teams at CLS, a subsidiary of CNES, and of its customers or users, will address these issues from space.

Designed to monitor the Earth and oceans, Sentinel-3, part of the Copernicus program, was developed jointly by ESA and the European Commission. This program is the European response to ever-increasing needs for environmental stewardship. Sentinel-3 is one of a
family of several satellites, each using a different technique or having a different goal (Sentinel-1 is carrying a synthetic aperture radar; Sentinel-2 is dedicated to optical imaging and Sentinel-3 will focus on the oceans).