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Security Research and Innovation Agenda: EC position/ESRIF report

Information the Communication from the EC “A European Security Research and Innovation Agenda – Commission’s initial position on ESRIF’s key findings and recommendations” as well as the ESRIF Final report.

Note in the Communication that the EC welcomes the “comprehensive approach to security research and innovation approach” of ESRIF, which has identified the role of space as “vital in different security-related technological domains” and pointed out the importance of GMES and Galileo in providing “a wide range of added value services in support of security”, referring the need to protect space assets.

Note, among other issues in the Communication, that the EC considers appropriate to deepen the reflection on broadening security R&D programmes to such areas as civil protection (incl. need for improving disaster prevention, mitigation, the European civil protection response capacity…) and conflict prevention and post crisis stabilisation (incl. building capacity to address global and trans-regional threats).

EU sec research and innov agenda_EC pos on ESRIF.pdf


Source Eurospace