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SciSys shows regulation solution at GC2005

Regulators are under increasing pressure to find more effective
and efficient approaches to regulation.

Jun 22, 2005

Regulators are under increasing pressure to
find more effective and efficient approaches to regulation. SciSys
offers a wide ranging, flexible solution.

Today’s regulators are being asked to not only enforce new and changing
directives faster and more cost effectively, but also to provide a
better service to customers and a more transparent and consistent
approach to regulation. At the recent GC2005 show SciSys showed
regulators how we could help streamline processes effectively, ensure
they are applied coherently and unambiguously, and provide real
benefits and advice to customers.

SciSys provides consultancy services to
support regulators in finding more efficient and proactive ways to
regulate; flexible software modules to build in efficiency and take out
costs; and ongoing support and development to future proof the
regulation process.

Improving the process

SciSys is already working with regulators
to provide them with more efficient and effective ways to administer
and deliver licensing, monitoring and compliance checking. For example,
measures such as improved data access or streamlining the
administration of licenses and subsequent checking activities can
release staff to genuinely add value to the process: advising
businesses on which regulations apply to them, educating them on how to
comply; encouraging a sense of corporate social responsibility and so
reducing the enforcement burden.

“Like many UK regulators, the Environment
Agency was actively looking for ways to be more cost effective, while
also meeting rising expectations for high quality services. To do more,
do it better, and do it with a leaner budget, the EA worked with us on
an initiative that used the latest in technology and thinking to
radically change its business processes. As part of our ongoing
framework agreement, our regulation solution continues to be used to
help the EA fulfil further regulatory obligations, and so to ensure its
staff have more time and resources to fully evaluate permit
applications and their implications, and for managers to co-ordinate
work scheduling and resource planning more effectively”.

Our regulation solutions span the
complete regulation process, including Licensing, Monitoring,
Compliance and may be offered collectively or independently, providing
customers with solutions that integrate with existing legacy systems.

For more information about our work in
regulation, please call 01249 466466 and ask for the regulation team.
Or Download a factsheet to find out more.

(Credits Scisys)