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ScanEx news

July news on geospatial conference, meteorological support, wildfires, agro-control, …

Global Geospatial Conference 2013 – the joint GSDI 14 World Conference and AfricaGIS 2013 Conference – is being held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, at the UN Economic Commission for Africa (UN ECA) Conference Center, 4-8 November 2013. The conference theme is “Spatial Enablement in Support of Economic Development and Poverty Reduction”. “Earth from Space – the Most Effective Solutions” magazine is the media partner of the conference.

The early-bird registration for the participants of the forthcoming 6th International Conference “Earth from Space – the Most Effective Solutions” will be over on July 20. Please be reminded that paying your registration fees within the early-bird registration period, you save more than 15%. Participation terms are available at the conference website.

There are only eight days left to the XXVII World Summer Student Games in Kazan. Weather forecasting services seriously prepare for this event too along with the athletes. They will have to provide very short-range weather forecasts for all of the sites, which will host the event. ScanEx RDC has developed and launched a new service specially for the Student Games in Kazan that streamlines access to images from weather satellites.

The western U.S. has been suffering from a series of wildfires in the last few months. The Black Forest Fire, the most destructive fire on record in Colorado, destroyed over 500 homes and charred more than 14,000 acres during a 10-day period. California has also been subject to a spate of wildfires with over 680 incidents in the state so far this year.

The geo-analytic system “AgroUpravlenie” (agro-control) for inventory and monitoring of agricultural lands has started to operate in the Tambov Region. This was made possible due to a long-term and fruitful partnership between “CentrProgrammSystem” LLC and ScanEx RDC, whose experience in creating highly detailed maps was used in “AgroUpravlenie” geo-analytic system.

“Nothing is impossible for a person with intelligence,” – quoted the well-known film Natalia Polyakova, Head of Institutional Initiatives Department of the “Russian Venture Company”, speaking about the features of the contract system in public procurement: – “We can cope with it too. However, I think it will be difficult.”

ScanEx RDC specialists held master-classes on field interpretation of space images in Arkhangelsk. Training was arranged within the framework of Youth School “Space Methods of Studying the Arctic Region”, organized by the Institute of Mathematics, Information and Space Technologies of the Northern (Arctic) Federal University.