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ScanEX news

News on Oil traces on satellite images, Satellite-based monitoring, Space imagery realities and prospects, Space crowdsourcing… etc

(2012-07-13) Oil traces on satellite images of the Novorossiysk bay

(2012-07-13) Symbols of the millennium are painted on the building roofs in near Moscow

(2012-07-12) Satellite-based monitoring: no serious changes in Neberjaevskoye water reservoir surface area detected

(2012-07-12) “Space imagery realities and prospects: materials of the “Earth from Space…” magazine, issue #12, are available now”:

(2012-07-09) Internet and information openness symbols are being painted on the roofs of the Rumyantsevo business-park in Moscow Region

(2012-07-04) Space crowdsourcing: search for An-2 plane is ongoing

(2012-06-30) ScanEx RDC – the GeoEye’s Top International Performer for the second year in a row

(2012-06-01) Symbols of the millennium festival: final composition for the roof is ready

(2012-06-01) Blooming Black Sea. Satellite data