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ScanEX DRC news

  • First issue of the redesigned Earth from Space magazine is published
    Earth from Space from Space” – is a popular science magazine – is a popular science magazine” that introduces readers to the wide range of issues related to remote sensing data reception, further processing and application practices. In 2009-2013, 16 issues of the magazine were published – thematic collections on the areas of satellite imagery applications: forestry, construction, transportation, environment, education, web technologies, etc. In 2013 the edition has been completely renovated. This effected both design and content of magazine’s issues. Now the magazine has become bilingual, presenting scientific, popular, artistic materials adopted for non-professional audience. The founder and publisher of the magazine is ScanEx Research & Development Center.
  • Satellite monitoring for the detection of illegal vessels in the Komandorsky nature reserve
    Starting from 2012 ScanEx RDC specialists have been working to identify illegal shipping within marine protected natural areas. Several test areas in the Arctic Region and the Far East have been chosen to evaluate the effectiveness of satellite data for monitoring the navigation situation within the reserve. One of the test zones was the “Komandorsky” State Nature Biosphere Reserve.
  • Open landscape” partnership program: hitting the road
    ScanEx, announced today the launch of the innovation partnership program “Open Landscape”. The program will officially start on October 1, 2013. Founding members of the “Open Landscape” program include: ScanEx Research and Development Center and NGO “Transparent World” together with the World Bank, the World Resources Institute,members of the Global Forest Watch 2.0 and the Global Tiger Initiative. The program is supported by DigitalGlobe, NASA, and other satellite imagery data providers.