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Satellites going local: 30 regions, cities and SMEs share good practice

“Satellites Going Local – 30 Regions, Cities and SMEs share good practice” is a collection of selected success stories of pioneering local or regional authorities and SMEs who have put satellite applications to work in delivering their professional goals in variety of fields such as environment, transport, health, urban and rural development, and others

These practical, down-to-earth examples, may give you helpful and transferable ideas on alternative routes, complementary tools, and new solutions to confronting professional challenges.

Download this collection of good practices for your own information and pass it on to others who may benefit from it. If you want to go further, consider Eurisy as a resource at your disposal.

This collection of success stories is the outcome of four years of work by Eurisy to collect and disseminate good practice, in the framework of its User Programme. If you have a success story of your own to contribute to future editions of “Satellites Going Local”, get in touch.

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