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Satellites for Society – Public administrations and satellite services

European national, regional and local public authorities are using satellite data and signals in their everyday activities. They rely on satellites to monitor the environment, improve the efficiency of agricultural practices, better prevent and manage natural hazards, ensure the reliability of transport networks, and for urban planning purposes, among others.

The new Eurisy publication “Satellites for Society: Reporting on operational uses of satellite-based services in the public sector” analyses more than 100 replies submitted to the Eurisy survey for public authorities in 2015.

Public managers were asked why they started using satellite-based services, how much the services cost and how the uptake was financed, which challenges they face, and how the satellite solutions help them saving time and resources while improving the quality of public services.

You can download “Satellites for Society”, as well as the reports describing the results of the case-study analysis that preceded the Eurisy survey, by clicking on the link Access