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Satellite data, resources, and applications at your fingertips

Explore, Examine, Engage. What Satellite Data is available through the Data Discovery Hub?

This Satellite data hub contains primarily EO data which could be as either optical or radar images and information on a vast number of areas including oceans salinity, ice thickness; crop health and air quality among a range of other products.

The other types of information from satellites include: – Communication satellites which power data on the go, from images and videos to broadband internet access. They link ships crossing the oceans, provide communications for aircraft, connect people in remote areas and enable disaster response teams to keep in touch. – Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) provide us with two essential pieces of information; position and time. Anything enabled with a GNSS receiver can also be used for navigation. Once a device is GNSS enabled it can provide a range of resilient and accurate global services and solutions.

For more information on the basics of what satellites can do and how they can help please refer to the Satellites for Everyone toolkit or email the team