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Russia puts second remote sensing satellite of the Resource-P series into orbit

The second remote sensing satellite of the Resource-P series was put in to orbit on 31 December 2014. The satellite was launched from the Baikonur space centre on December 26 by rocket carrier Soyuz-2.1b.

The “Resource-P” Series forms the basis of the Russian system vysokoperiodicheskogo remote sensing (RS), which provides consumers in Russia and other countries highly detailed pictures super high, medium and high resolution. The satellite would be providing 1 meter panchromatic imagery, and multispectral imager at a resolution of 2 to 3 meters from a height of 475 kilometers.

As on per the new published by the Russian News Agency (TASS), the Equipment for taking Earth surface imagery is being adjusted. The satellite operating parameters are normal and there are no remarks to the operation of onboard equipment.

The launch of third satellite Resource-P is expected in 2015 to finalise the shaping of the orbital system for high-definition recording of around 90 million square kilometres of territories annually.

Source: TASS & spaceflight101

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