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RSI Releases the ENVI RX Anomaly Detection Tool

RSI, a wholly owned subsidiary of ITT Industries, has released the ENVI
RX Anomaly Detection Tool, a free plug-in for ENVI 4.1 and 4.2, that
gives ENVI users the ability to quickly and easily identify anomalies
in geospatial images. This new ENVI tool automatically locates areas in
an image that are different from the overall image background allowing
analysts to focus on those areas that are most likely to contain
valuable information.

The size of geospatial images often makes identifying objects of
potential interest extremely time consuming and overwhelming. The new
ENVI RX Anomaly Detection Tool provides a one-button solution for
identifying anomalies in images, making it the ideal solution for ENVI
users of all abilities to get important information from images quickly
and easily.
The ENVI RX Anomaly Detection Tool uses
the popular RXD anomaly detection algorithm in its classic form to
extract anomalous features from spectral images. Users need only select
the input file and the tool then highlights the pixels that are
different from the general image background. No expert knowledge of
image processing is required to process images and create accurate,
easy-to-interpret results that are unambiguous and useful for a wide
range of situations. Following the detection of anomalies, other tools,
such as the ENVI Spectral Analyst, can be used to address the
identification of the anomalous features, if desired.
In defense and intelligence scenarios,
applications for anomaly detection include locating targets such as
military vehicles and identifying soil disturbances that might indicate
land mines or recent troop movements. Other applications for anomaly
detection include identifying locations of crop stress for precision
agriculture applications, locating areas of infected trees for forestry
applications, and finding rare minerals for geology applications.
(Credits RSI)