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RSI Announces Spatial Feature Extraction Capability for ENVI

RSI, a wholly owned subsidiary of ITT Industries, Inc. (NYSE: ITT) announces the upcoming release of a key imagery analysis tool to the ENVI remote sensing exploitation product line, the ENVI Spatial Feature Extraction Module.

This new add-on module to ENVI will automate the process of extracting specific features in high resolution panchromatic and multispectral images. The ENVI Spatial Feature Extraction Module reflects RSI’s commitment to provide imagery analysts and GIS users from the defense and intelligence, planning and natural resources communities with easy-to-use tools for exploiting imagery from commonly available sources.
The ENVI Spatial Feature Extraction Module will provide a suite of tools for extracting linear and area-based features from imagery using both spatial and spectral information. Currently analysts who need to identify occurrences of features in images, such as aircraft, roads, and buildings, must find features manually by analyzing an image pixel by pixel, which is both a time consuming and costly process.
“The new ENVI module will provide imagery analysts, regardless of skill level, with semi-automated tools to quickly extract the information from large images needed to make timely strategic and tactical decisions,” said Dr. Peg Shippert, RSI’s ENVI Technical Product Manager. “This functionality is appealing to users in defense and GIS who need to make critical decisions based on their analyses.”
The ENVI Spatial Feature Extraction Module has a host of applications, particularly in defense, intelligence and GIS. Defense and intelligence analysts will use feature extraction capabilities for mission and intelligence operations. Strategic implementations include locating roads, buildings and vehicles, identifying potential aircraft landing strips in forested areas, and locating camp areas.
GIS analysts and imagery scientists will use the module to locate water bodies, wetlands, forests or grasslands for development planning and utility placement, as well as to identify areas of deforestation, updating road maps, creating map lake boundaries and monitoring water level changes.
About RSI
RSI, a wholly owned subsidiary of ITT Industries, provides integrated software solutions that help scientists, engineers, researchers and medical professionals turn complex data into useful information. RSI‘s 150,000 customers from over 80 countries use IDL and ENVI to visualize and analyze data and imagery and to deploy imaging applications. RSI’s solutions are used in a variety of industries, including remote sensing, engineering, earth sciences, aerospace and defense, medical imaging, oil and gas exploration and biotechnology. Combined with a host of support services including training, consulting and technical support, RSI offers the most complete data visualization and image analysis solutions available.
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