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Review: Training Yarkant River-Project

MFB-GeoConsulting Training Course: Monitoring and Early Warning System in the area of Yarkant River, Xinjiang Province

The one day-training “Early Warning System Workflow in ERDAS Imagine and LPS”, which took place on 21 March 2012 at MFB-GeoConsulting focused on one hand on tasks to be mentioned by decision-makers and second on practical hints of SW-user for future Chinese system operators. We gave a broad introduction on optical remote sensing in terms of further background for decision-making, and on the other hand we provided processing details in ERDAS Imagine and LPS software.

The focus of the course on the application side of the optical remote sensing data was on monitoring for the glacier lake in order to forecast outbursts, including all the steps from image acquisition to the map production.

Moreover, a specially prepared Service Manual was provided to the trainees.

Key issues of training course:

  • Introduction to optical remote sensing
  • Archive Data Search
  • New Data Ordering
  • Geometric Correction and Orthorectification
  • Image Classification with Region Growing
  • Precise DSM Generation from Worldview-2 Stereo Imagery
  • Image Mosaicing
  • Base Map Poduction
  • Change Detection
  • Early Warning Systems Workflow

The Training Course was performed PD Dr. Michael Baumgartner (Managing Director MFB-GeoConsulting) by our specialists in photogrammetry (Dr. Sauerbier) and remote sensing (MSc. Olga Chesnokova).

PS: Please see also our Image Galerie
Source MFB-GeoConsulting