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Research and Innovation in Support to the Earth observation Market

(10/01/2016) On 21 and 22 September, in Brussels, GMV took part in the EU Research and Innovation in Support to the Earth observation Market workshop organized by the Directorate Climate Action and Resource Efficiency of the European Commission’s DG Research and Innovation (DG RTD).

The overall objective of this workshop was to explore Research and Innovation actions needed for the development of a dynamic Earth observation (EO) market in Europe and, in particular, a service market based on the possibilities offered by such initiatives as the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) and its European input, Copernicus.

The workshop’s main themes were, firstly, to characterize the current EO market in Europe and globally and its future trends; secondly, identify opportunities for the development of new EO services and products and appropriate measures to accelerate their uptake by industry and clients; and, thirdly, elaborate a mechanism for consulting/involving the European commercial sector in GEO within the Copernicus context, taking into account the dialogue already initiated between the two programs.

GMV was invited to present the paper “Generating added-value EO products and services for governmental agencies around the World”. In this paper GMV spoke of its own experience in the marketing of geospatial and earth-observation services in three particular sectors: environment, land use and maritime safety, focusing especially on GMV’s Middle East contracts.

GMV has participated in important Copernicus projects in the areas of the environment, emergencies and safety. It is currently coordinating the European-Commission-brokered contract for defining user requirements to guide the next generation of the Copernicus Space Component (next generation of Sentinel missions).