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ReSAC will map flood risk and flood hazard for East-Aegean River Basin Directorate, Bulgaria

Remote Sensing Application Center – ReSAC, Bulgaria in a consortium with other organizations won a tender for Mapping flood hazard and flood risk in East Aegean River Basin Directorate (EARBD) in Bulgaria.

The project is a second step in implementation of the Flood Risk Directive in Bulgaria, namely preparation of the flood hazard and risk maps. The territorial scope of the project contains 31 areas with significant potential flood risk with a total length of 1078 km. in the rivers. In addition for 19 reservoirs a scenario for dam break and dam overflow will have to be modeled.

The territory of the EARBD is almost 1/3 from the territory of Bulgaria. The second largest river in the country flows here – Maritsa River which is a transboundary river for Bulgaria, Turkey and Greece. The other important rivers also transboundary are Arda River, which takes the water from the East Rhodopy Mountain and Tundzha River – both of them tributaries to Maritsa.

Location of the East Aegean River Basin Directorate

The project is a continuation of the activities and professional expertise ReSAC provides to the specialized governmental authorities in the past several years related with disaster management and especially these related with the Flood Risk Directive. ReSAC as a center of excellence supports the Ministry of Environment and River Basin Directorates in the implementation of the Directive since 2011 with the Preliminary Flood Hazard and Risk Assessment for Danube Region River Basin Directorates (DRRBD), in 2012 with the Determination of the Areas with Significant Potential Flood Risk for DRRBD and participation in the Danube FloodRisk Project with preparation of Flood Hazard and Risk Maps for Bulgarian Sector of Danube River and training of the local users and stakeholders.

The duration of the project is one year and the flood hazard and flood risk maps for the EARBD should be ready until the end of 2015.

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