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ReSAC –Space News from Bulgaria – European Space Expo, ESA-PECS and GEO membership

The traveling exhibition which shows how the space activities and applications benefit our everyday lives on earth European Space Expo was held in Sofia between 16th and 24th of May 2014.

The exhibition is organized from directorate “Information Activities of the DG Enterprise and Industry of the EC and presents the current state of the programme for Earth Observation Copernicus and global navigation Galileo of the EU and ESA. ReSAC was invited from the organizers to make a speech on the application of the space technologies. On 20.05.2014 a lecture was made on the topic “Operational capacity in Copernicus and trans-border applications for South East Europe of the ReSAC and Agency for Sustainable Development and Eurointegration” in which scientific developments and operational services developed by the two organizations in the areas of environment, agriculture, forestry, disaster management and others were presented. On 25.05.2014 ReSAC presented in details the Copernicus programme – history, the current state and its future, as well as ideas on how Bulgaria could participate in the programme.

The activities of the Space professionals, scientists and stakeholders lead to a further step in the membership of Bulgaria in European Space Agency (ESA) and GEO.

With the decision of the Council of Ministers from 11th of June 2014, Bulgarian Government accepted the project for an Agreement of a PECS cooperating state between Bulgaria and European Space Agency. The activities and negotiations to sign the agreement are in the responsibilities of the Ministry of Economy and Energy.

With the Council of Ministers Decision from the same date Bulgarian Government accepted the Bulgarian membership in the Group of the Earth Observation – GEO through the Ministry of Investment Planning.

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