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ReSAC activity in the preliminary flood risk assessment in Bulgaria

In the middle of September 2011 ReSAC won a tender and signed a contract with the Basin Directorate for Water Management in the Danube region to the Bulgarian Ministry of Environment and Water

The task of the contract is to consult the institution in preparing the preliminary assessment of the flood risk, in reference to the Directive 2007/60/EC for flood risk estimate and management, that entered into force on the 26th of November in 2007.

The first step in preparation of the management plans is a preliminary assessment of flood risk. It does include description of floods, occurred in the past, with significant disadvantageous impacts on human health, environment, cultural heritage, technical infrastructure and economic activities, which can be expected to occur in the future.

Besides the conclusions of the preliminary assessment of the flood risk along with maps of area with possible flood risk including maps under current flood risk, the Management plans regarding the flood risk in the Danube region will contain a description of the purposes of flood risk management, and short performance of the measurements for achieving the related purposes.

After the Water Amendment Act, the Basin Directorates to the Ministry of Environment and Water will prepare Management plans of flood risk. With these amendments, the aim is to create conditions to prevent or reduce harmful effects on human life and health, environment, cultural heritage and economic activities, related to the harmful effects of water.

The Danube River Basin Directorate administrates the following catchment areas of the rivers – Iskar river, Erma river, Nishava river, Ogosta river and west of Ogosta river, Vit river, Osum river, Yantra river, Russenski Lom river and other rivers in Dobrudzha region, which are the main area or interest of the contract.

During contract implementation, not only the requirements of the European and National legislation will be followed, but the documentary of ICPDR and the results of the project “Danube Floodrisk” also. The collected data and analysis, will be used in the Danube strategy in terms of its further development.

Project Unities of the Basin Directorate for Water Management in the Danube region

Source RESAC