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Report from the EC “on the implementation of the remote sensing applications and on the use of the financial resources made available to it"

The remote-sensing applications supported provide useful information to the European Commission, to interested Member States, to research institutes and to other users, through the dissemination of different products.

Since its creation, the system has been continuously improved. Additionally to the primary objective of producing yield and harvest forecasts, the system also provides useful insights into other fields relevant to EU agriculture such as climate change. This second interim report is drawn up in view of a continuation of these measures within the framework of the CAP beyond 31 December 2013. The report elaborates on a possible scenario for continuation of the existing MARS Crop Yield Forecasting System for the EU and of an extension to a wider global coverage with the objectives of further improving yield forecasts for the EU and of contributing to the international initiatives launched by G20 agricultural ministers.

CAP- Implementation remote sensing applications.pdf