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Remote Sensing Application Center – ReSAC has successfully finished the EUFODOS FP7 Project with training seminar with Bulgarian forest stakeholders

The Remote Sensing Application Center – ReSAC has organized a training seminar on 17th of Dec. 2013 to present the services developed in the frame of the EUFODOS Project, FP7 financed project, which aims at development of Forest Downstream Services for improved information on forest structure and damages.

Remote Sensing Application Center – ReSAC as a project partner has developed several services for the Executive Forest Agencies (EFA), Bulgaria which will support the agency in its activities and reporting duties.

The seminar was attended by more than 20 experts and decision makers from a number of regional departments of the EFA, from State Forest Enterprises and National Parks administrations. All the participants in the training seminar received certificates for attendance, as well as all the reports delivered during the project runtime together with the digital products developed by ReSAC.

Fig. 1: Participants from forest authorities attended the training seminar on ReSAC Services of EUFODOS – 17th of Dec 2013.

The training covered also the current state of the Copernicus and Galileo programme and details on the future Sentinels and how these technologies could support forest management. The new Common Agricultural Policy and its relation to forest sector was also discussed.

The main focus on the training was a detailed description on the Forest Downstream Services which ReSAC has developed in EUFODOS to a state ready for commercial exploitation.

During the lifetime of the project and after the first phase when the demo products were delivered, the User drafted its user requirements, hence the final services which were agreed are: Forest Inventory Service divided to: P-01-1 Forest Area Map; P-01-2 Forest Type Map; P-02 Forest Change Map; P-03 Forest Density Map. The services for damage assessment are as follows: Forest Disasters Service; P-05-1 Reference Map (Forest Cover Map and Forest Type Map); P-05-2 Damage Extent Map (Fire Extent Map, Storm Extent Map and Insect Infestation Extent Map); P-05-3 Detailed Damage Map (Crown/Surface Fire Map, Storm/Snowbreak Damage Map and Insect Infestation Damage Map); P-05-4 Additional products (Combination of the EO products with cadastral information).

All the demonstration products were developed in several territories in Bulgaria where natural disasters in the forest territories has occurred: Area 1 – Gostun Village, West Rhodopy Mountain; Area 2 – Tran, Breznik, Zemen Forestries, West Bulgaria; Area 3 – Sredec Forestry, Strandzha Mountain; Area 4 – Nature Park Vitosha, Vitosha Mountain; Area 5 – Koprivstitsa Town; Sredna Gora Mountain; Area 6 – Silistra Municipality, North East Bulgaria; and Area 6 – Danube Plain.

Fig. 2: Location of the test sites for which Downstream Forest Services were developed from ReSAC and delivered to the User.

The processing chains are implemented in the RS/GIS software of ReSAC, and are ready to work with the available EO data, but on the other hand ReSAC is waiting for the Sentinels data to offer its customers high quality cost effective downstream forest services.

Details on the services specifications could be found on the EUFODOS webpage:
or contacting directly ReSAC at:

For more information: