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Regio / Reach-U

We are inspired by unleashing hidden possibilities embedded into location information. This is increasingly important in the world that wants to seek and know more and more.

We aim to become a premium provider of location-based solutions in the Eastern Hemisphere for telecom, transport and infrastructure sectors.

Reach-U has four fields of activity: mapping, geospatial data, geographical information systems (GIS) and mobile positioning.

In GIS software development area our uniqueness is the ability to deliver software together with the data that is fit for the purpose. Our software development is based on Mapinfo, Oracle and proprietary web mapping tools. Our optimization solutions for transport and logistics business offer guaranteed ROI by combining software, data and consultancy together.

In geospatial data area Reach-U owns and maintains the most detailed geospatial database of Estonia and the Baltic States. The accuracy is up to 1:2 000 in urban and 1:20 000 in rural areas, including building addresses. Streets and roads are connected to logical network, attributed with turn restrictions and other relevant data for logistical analysis.

Reach-U runs the biggest internet map server in the Baltic States since 1997. In addition to selling access to our own data, Reach-U renders geospatial data processing services to our clients. Clients are mostly utilities and the public sector.

Mapping unit creates hundreds of maps on demand based on Reach-U´s own database. Majority of tourist publications, information boards, wallmaps etc. feature cartographic products made by Reach-U. Reach-U publishes the best selling road atlases for Estonia. We are trained to make maps that are beautiful, readable and accurate at all scales and for all purposes.

The fourth area of activity is location-based services and mobile positioning middleware. Our unique company background delivers everything needed for launching location-based services, including software, maps and support. Our goal is to help our clients to achieve the record high usage numbers of their services, and in many countries they have done so. Reach-U has global sales and distribution agreement with Ericsson, our clients are mobile operators in Slovakia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Argentina, Mexico, Ukraine and Estonia.

We are largest European provider of LBS to Mobile operators, covering 17 operators globally and serving 300 million subscribers. Our main product in this area is Demograft ( that has also won Global Mobile Award 2014 (

Reach-U consolidates competences in the following areas and technologies:

Experience on putting geospatial data to work for enterprises

  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
  • Oracle Spatial
  • Mapinfo programming
  • Symbian development
  • Geospatial database creation and maintenance
  • Online access to geospatial data

Combining wireless, IT and location-based technology with content for mobile operators and service providers

  • Mobile positioning
  • Operator-grade Java development
  • Location-based services

Creating user-friendly map products

  • Cartographic design
  • Map publishing

To sustain the competitive advantage of our products, Reach-U spends substantial amount of the revenue on R&D. We participate in number of EU FP6 projects.

Forest change monitoring service based on Sentinel 1a

Reach-U is starting the demonstration phase with Sentinel 1a based forest monitoring service.

Concept to use satellite images for forest change detection has been proved in many times in studies and in the market there are several companies providing forest monitoring service from commercial images. Our goal is to reduce the delivery time of forest alerts to two weeks and help the forest owners to make decision in critical times where waiting an overview of forest can’t be measured in months.

With the possibility from 3. October to get data from Sentinel data hub ( we can move from testing phase of algorithms to live demonstration of the capabilities. As more data from Sentinel 1a comes available we can step by step widen the area where forest change alerts can be generated and put into validation.

Image1: Example of the forests alerts generated from Sentinel 1 data
Our focus is developing downstream services for forestry based on near real time satellite data. The goal is to involve forest owners (companies/institutes) in the validation phase of the service so that the added value could be tested.


Reach-U was founded in 1990 and has currently nearly 100 employees. Regio / Reach-U is ISO 9001:2008 certified.