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Refurbished GEOSS portal now online

(11 November 2016) This follows the declaration made at the Group on Earth Observations’ (GEO’s) Mexico Ministerial Summit in November last year, in which the GEONETCast partners – EUMETSAT, the US’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA ) and the China Meteorological Administration (CMA ) – committed to continue for the next 10 years.

GEONETCast is a global network of sustained and cost-effective satellite-based dissemination systems that delivers Earth observation data and products to GEO initiatives on a routine basis.

“In the GEO Work Programme 2017-2019, the GEONETCast partners and the GEO Secretariat have identified a series of activities aimed at continuing current operations while improving links with GEO flagship initiatives and services to the existing user community,” EUMETSAT International Relations Officer Vincent Gabaglio said.

“EUMETSAT, as one of the GEONETCast partners, is taking action in close cooperation with the European Commission and the African Union Commission to increase the amount of data available through GEONETCast.

“In addition, we aim to increase the number of users, especially in Africa, as GEONETCast is particularly useful for Earth observation data transmission in regions where high-speed landlines and/or the Internet are not available.”

“EUMETSAT is taking action to increase the amount of data available through GEONETCast”

GEONETCast currently serves about 6,000 users.

Under the Mexico declaration, the GEONETCast partners committed to:

  • Operate the GEONETCast infrastructure
  • Further integrate it with other GEO initiatives and flagship projects and increase the user base
  • Improve service to users.

In the new GEO context, GEONETCast aims to:

  • Provide near-global coverage through the global network of partners
  • Deliver GEO-relevant data and products on a continuous, near-operational basis
  • Engage with regional and global stakeholders to identify needs for data and products
  • Ensure a sustained system and be an integral part of overall GEO infrastructure as a foundational task.