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Ready For Russia: German Satellite Imagery Provider RapidEye

RapidEye, the only geospatial solutions provider to own and operate their own constellation of Earth observation satellites, announced today their partnership with the Moscow based company Sovzond.

They will be the only distributor of RapidEye satellite imagery for markets in Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Republic of Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uszbekistan, Kyrgystan, and Turkmenistan. The agreement was signed this week between Mr. Vladimir I.

Mikhaylov, Sovzond’s Director General, and RapidEye’s CEO, Wolfgang G. Biedermann. “We are happy to work with RapidEye,” said Mr. Mikhaylov. “We see huge revenue potential as we have customers from different markets such as agriculture, forestry, water resources, topographic mapping, emergency and local government. They are waiting for the data and we are looking forward to expedite the business for RapidEye in our markets. The role of remote sensing and geospatial solutions in the countries we are serving is growing every year. People want to know more about the world they live in, governmental projects on spatial data infrastructures are underway and the need for more information, quicker and of higher quality is expanding and growing.”

John Ahlrichs, Vice President of RapidEye, comments: “Sovzond is a perfect match for us to reach out to this region that covers both Europe and Asia. There is an enormous demand for satellite imagery in these markets and we are happy to team up with Sovzond to leverage their expertise in selling satellite data and reaching out to our potential customers. Their team is also well experienced and RapidEye as well as our customers will benefit from their motivated team.”

RapidEye will mark the start of its commercial operation in Russia at the III International Conference Remote Sensing – the Synergy of High Technologies. The conference will be held on April 15 – 17, 2009 in Moscow and RapidEye will give a presentation, show imagery samples and demonstrate how RapidEye imagery and services can be combined with projects.

Currently, RapidEye is working on completing its worldwide network of distributors in order to facilitate their customers easy access to RapidEye products in their own language and region. For a full list of RapidEye’s distributors, please visit


SOVZOND JSC, a private sector enterprise founded in 1992, began its activities by providing services centering around digital remote sensing data processing and mapping. These services were soon combined with information system technologies. Today, SOVZOND offers a broad range of applications, ranging from geodata procurement (satellite data, DEM, land use and land cover data), value adding processing, data processing and software development to the provision of turn-key technical assistance projects and customized spatial land management and monitoring systems.
For more information about Sovzond please visit

About RapidEye AG

RapidEye is an ISO 9001:2000 certified geospatial information provider focused on integrating customized and industry specific solutions into the workflow of global customers in agriculture, forestry, energy, infrastructure, government, security, and emergency. RapidEye experts and the satellite system – a constellation of five satellites capable of downloading over 4 million km² of high resolution, multi-spectral imagery per day, and a ground segment for processing and archiving data – allow for cost-effective customized services. The unique combination of large area coverage, high spatial resolution and the possibility of daily revisit to an area provide for superior management information solutions. Currently, more than 100 experts from more than 20 countries are employed by RapidEye, with plans to grow the team to 140 by early 2009.
RapidEye benefits from a public-private partnership with the Space Agency of the German Aerospace Center (DLR), which is supported by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. RapidEye is also cofinanced by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). For more information on ERDF please contact
For more information about RapidEye, please visit

RapidEye Contact
RapidEye AG / Molkenmarkt 30 /
14776 Brandenburg a. d. Havel, Germany /
Toll Free (US): +1 800 940 3617
Phone: +49 3381 8904-0 |
Fax: +49 3381 8904-101 |

RapidEye is a “Selected Landmark in the Land of Ideas” and therefore part of the event series “365 Landmarks in the Land of Ideas”. This program is run by the initiative “Germany – Land of Ideas” and Deutsche Bank. Being a “Selected Landmark” RapidEye will stand for Germany being a “Land of Ideas” in 2009 and will demonstrate Germany’s spirit of innovation. The initiative is under the patronage of Germany’s federal president Horst Köhler.