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RapidEye's EyeFind

RapidEye’s EyeFind tool provides online viewing access to the complete RapidEye archive of Earth Obersvation imagery.

EyeFind allows for quick and easy browsing of images collected by the RapidEye constellation satellites over a defined area of interest.

Users can browse RapidEye’s rapidly growing archive based on date, cloud cover and product type. Advanced options allow for parameters to be entered on a map or for a shape file to be uploaded outlining an area of interest.

EyeFind gives you access to over 2.5 BILLION* square kilometers of earth.

Once the desired images have been located, an inquiry can be sent to RapidEye through EyeFind for a quote on price and an estimated delivery time. RapidEye invites you to try EyeFind for yourself for all of your imagery inquiries. EyeFind can be accessed at

Amount of RapidEye imagery collected between February 2009 and October 2011