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Rapid Eye: Case Study: Crop Insurance Solutions

As an ongoing series, RapidEye will keep you informed each quarter of how our service business provides solutions to customers worldwide…

Germany’s largest agricultural insurance company, Vereinigte Hagel, made the decision this year to provide crop insurance in Lithuania, and RapidEye helped to make this transition a success.

RapidEye is a long-term partner with Vereinigte Hagel, developing and implementing advanced geo-information based agro-insurance solutions. When asked to collaborate on the Lithuanian project to come up with an innovative IT solution, our software and data base experts were up to the challenge.

“We are extremely proud of our staff who worked side by side with people from Vereinigte Hagel, The Lithuanian Agri-Information and Rural Business Centre (VIC) and Munich RE to realize a very complex system in such a short time”, reported RapidEye’s Head of Product Development Dr. Frederik Jung-Rothenhäusler.

With the system elements RapidEye has developed, farmers in Lithuania can now apply for crop insurance or make claims on their policies entirely online. Vereinigte Hagel will then use the information this system garners in a web-based Management GIS (Geo- Information-System) tool giving them an overview of multi-regional crop insurance risks within Lithuania.

Source Rapideye