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Questions on GMES

Questions on GMES extracted from the preparation of the ESA Council at Ministerial level

– Should GMES become the European participation to GEOSS (Global Earth Observation System of Systems), decided on the Earth Summit in Brussels?

– Should Europe try to get independence in space borne data sources or should it only complement what is available e.g. in the US?

– Should we use another joint undertaking to implement GMES or should we use other cooperation models foreseen in the framework agreement (ESA as implementing agency of the EU)?

– Is the GMES financing model proposed the right one? (ESA pays phases A+B, mixed funding for phases C/D and EC funding after the first satellites including operation)

– Are the requirements defined so far, coming from the 12+4 initial GMES services and from the analysis of the data gaps in Europe the right ones?

Important dates to have in mind:

– High level on Space Policy Group- 3rd week March

– Joint Secretariat issues (EU Council, Coreper and ESA bodies) – beginning

– EU Council process documents- 3rd week April

– Draft joint document- end April

– High level on Space Policy Group, HLSPG, examine documents- beginning May

– Joint Secretariat revised draft documents- 2nd week May

– Research working party processes- 17 May

– Coreper I, finalised draft joint document- 27 May

ESA processed finalised draft joint document- end May

– Second Space Council- 7 June

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