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Promoting integrated and sustainable use of Earth Observation data for the environment in the Black sea and Mediterranean regions: Results from the IASON FP7 project.

The IASON FP7 project, a coordination action within the FP7 ENV program, concluded its work in May 2015 having achieved all of the project objectives successfully. IASON project understanding the need to promote use of Earth Observation data for the environment had the ultimate goal to unlock the potential and create a permanent and sustainable network of academic, governmental and industry stakeholders primarily in the Mediterranean and Black sea regions.

The IASON project came to an end this May after the successful final event on April the 222nd 2015. IASON Project had the ultimate goal to establish a permanent and sustainable Network of scientific and non-scientific institutions, stakeholders and private sector enterprises belonging in the EU and third countries located in two significant areas; The Mediterranean and the Black Sea regions. The main focal points of the project were the usage and application of Earth Observation (EO) in the following topics:

  • Actions to address climate changes
  • Research and innovation to improve resource efficiency
  • Raw Material Management

During the last two years, the IASON consortium tried to build on new and existing knowledge in order to push for a more integrated and sustainable use of EO data in the 2 areas for the benefit of the environment. Local networks were identified and approached, regional capacities were assessed and extended and new virtual and on-situ services for training and knowledge spill-over were built. Through the activities of our project we had the opportunity to meet very interesting people from the Black Sea and Mediterranean regions and appreciate their skills and above all their longing for knowledge and expertise. We are confident that the journey of IASON will continue.

By Prof. Petros Patias, IASON project Coordinator
More information on the IASON project results can be found at