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Projects in the frame of the establishment of IACS/LPIS in Bulgaria

In Bulgaria, the preparation of the country toward the accession in the EU is related with the readiness of the administration to meet the requirement for technical and operational capacity to manage and control the agriculture subsidies.

After the successful implementation of the Control with Remote Sensing /CwRS/ pilot project in Bulgaria, financed by JRC in 2005, ReSAC continues to provide technical, operational and methodological assistance to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, responsible for the establishment of IACS/LPIS.
This process is an important step of Bulgaria towards the introduction of the common agriculture policy of the European Union.
A project was implemented in 2005-2006 with the support of JRC and financed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry for the area of Assenovgrad, Bulgaria. The project objective were:
• Processing / Orthorectification of VHR satellite data (Quickbird)
GPS ground control points collection
• Processing of SPOT Ref3D DEM, Comparison between the available DEMs for the purpose of LPIS
• Creation of reference parcels based on CAPI of orthoimages on selected municipalities, belonging to the test area
• Integration of cadastral data base with the LPIS database, linkage with the farmer register
• Definition of the overall strategy for the implementation of the LPIS in Bulgaria
• Preparation of technical recommendation for block CAPI and reference parcel definition, elaboration of user guide
The type of services provided were as follows:
• Set up of the project (technical, management, and organisation)
• Image processing and photointerpretation
GIS and statistical analysis
• Field work, GPS measurements
• Analyse and synthesis for a national deployment of LPIS (methodology, technical specifications, training)
• Recommendation and user manual for the block CAPI
An important prerequisite for the preparation of the LPIS and provision of enough data to farmer during the declaration process, is the production of high-accurate orthophoto/orthoimage coverage of the entire country.
For this purpose the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry opened an international tender for delivery and production of orthoimages on the base of VHR satellite data. The project was awarded to an international Consortium lead by the Bulgarian organization Agency for Sustainable Development and Eurointegration /ASDE/ and the major European satellite providers – European Space Imaging GmbH (representing also INTA Space Turk), Eurimage S.p.a., SPOT Image. As a local geodetic company in the Consortium was included Dian Zlatev Ltd.
Eurimage, EUSI and SPOT Image perform their activities of data delivery and satellite products generation. The VHR data is derived from IKONOS and Quickbird; the DEM is provided by SPOT Image.
The orthorectification, image processing and quality control is done by ASDE, through its specialised unit ReSAC. The final product is in scale 1:10.000. The initial area covered by the project is 32 985 km2. and is covering 10 regions of Southern Bulgaria. The work should be carried out until the end of June 2006.
Coverage of the project area with archive VHR satellite data.
(Credits ReSAC)