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POSTEL: Pôle d´Observation des Surfaces Continentales

POSTEL is a thematic centre associating R&D and services to describe the soil and vegetation from Earth Observation satellite data, at regional and global scales.

It is supported by several national public institutions . It develops through a series of projects .
The POSTEL products are spatialized variables describing :
- Vegetation and Soils with products such as Leaf Area Index, vegetal cover fraction, fAPAR, burnt areas, surface reflectance, land cover
- Radiation with products such as albedo, BRDF,surface temperature , downwelling radiation flux shortwave and longwave
- Water with products such as soil moisture, precipitation, water bodies, evapotranspiration, continental water level
The products are available to the international science community and can be downloaded.
More information at:
Marc Leroy
Centre de Service POSTEL,
(Source POSTEL)