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Polish Armaments Group signed agreement with National Space Agency of Ukraine

Representatives of Polish Armaments Group (PAG) and National Space Agency of Ukraine (NSAU) signed on March 8 2016 agreement for joint development of Technologies for remote sensing Satellites.

Poland starts to expand its presence in global space industry. Recently one of the biggest Polish armament companies, Polish Armaments Group (PAG) and National Space Agency of Ukraine (NSAU) established joint group for creating plan of cooperation. Result of work was signing after five days agreement by Deputy President of the Polish Armaments Group (PGZ), Radosław Obolewski, and the Chairman of the State Space Agency of Ukraine, Lubomyr Sabadosh. Agreement, signed in Warsaw on March 8 2016, creates strong base for Polish-Ukrainian cooperation especially in satellite technologies – optical sensors and radar devices for Earth observation satellites. According to statement of Radosław Obolewski, PAG is strongly interested in cooperation with NSAU (quotation from official press release):

“We are very interested in cooperation with the Ukrainian space industry in the field of modern technologies. We are also glad that also the State Space Agency of Ukraine is ready to execute specific projects together with PGZ. We are going to seek opportunities together to cooperate in the development of technologies used in satellite Earth observation systems,”

It should not be surprising that PAG is looking for new opportunities and foreign markets for their products. Polish Armament Group consolidates 35 companies and manufacturers of various Military equipment from tires for military vehicles manufactured by STOMIL through highly efficient men-portable SAM “Grom” from Mesko to advanced military radars by RADWAR. Surely starting cooperation with independent space agency with impressive experience like NSAU is chance for development and good beginning of future participation in global space industry.

Ukraine attempts of developing own satellites were previously based on strong cooperation with Russia and Roscosmos. Until now Ukraine space industry manufactured six satellites in different types: Sich and Okean (Okean was mainly manufactured during lasting of USSR and last was launched in 1994). Sich series (1, 2 and 2M) along with Micron-1 were designed by Yuzhnoye State Design Office. Recently on Ukraine was also developed PolyITAN-1 Cubesat satellite by National Technical University of Ukraine. Ultimate communication satellite Lybid-1 is still not launched and its development was delayed due the tensions between Russia and Ukraine.

NSAU and Yuzhnoe are experienced with remote sensing satellites and Polish Armament Group has something important to offer. It is owner of PIT RADWAR – experienced and innovative radar manufacturer based in Warsaw, Poland. PAG is certainly interested in combining PIT RADWAR experience with Ukraine know-how in remote sensing satellites to eventually offer on global markets radar devices suitable to be installed on various satellite platforms. Participation of RADWAR would also improve possibilities of Sich series and creates new possibilities for developing new generation satellites.