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PLAN JAGUAR: Defining a strategy for EO services in Latin America

INDRA is conducting a market characterization of the Latin American Remote Sensing sector to promote the products and services from the value adding European EO industry

INDRA is conducting a characterization study of the Latin American and Caribbean Earth Observation sector under contract from the European Space Agency (EOMD programme). The aim of JAGUAR PLAN is to analyse the current situation of the sector in the continent in order to draw a Strategic Plan (“Plan Jaguar”), by the end of 2007, to steer the activities in the area during the following five years and enable the access of the European remote sensing companies to the Latin American market.
The study includes a market characterization supported by the execution of mini-projects (small outreach pilot projects to be executed soon) in different countries involving local stakeholders and European EO companies willing to promote their portfolio overseas. At present time, INDRA has already delivered the sectoral characterisation of the EO sector and an analysis of priority action areas, pinpointing some candidate pilot projects for implementation.
After the summer, INDRA and ESA shall launch a call for expressions of interest so that the interested European EO services companies can participate in the small scale pilot projects and enable the consolidation of the results of the analysis and the drafting of the long term strategy. The announcement of the ITT shall be promptly announced through EARSC and other channels.
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