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PlanetObserver launches a new version of its global satellite imagery database

PlanetObserver, leading supplier of satellite images in natural colours, announces the launch of a new version of its global digital Earth satellite imagery dataset with a resolution of 15 meter per pixel.

Processed from data collected from the civil observation satellite Landsat 7 ETM+, this dataset which offers a truly global coverage of the planet has been upgraded since its first release in 2008.

The new version of the 15-meter global satellite imagery dataset features an upgraded colour balance, reprocessed on all continents, in order to match perfectly the true beauty of planet Earth. Cloud coverage reduction is another major improvement, with a particular focus on African and South American tropical areas.

PlanetObserver Earth dataset comes as a standard off-the-shelf product, available in different data formats tuned specifically for today’s professional applications. From uncompressed GEOTIFF to TIFF-JPEG, ECW or JPEG2000 formats, this product constitutes the new standard for global Earth imagery, which combines beauty, reality and quality.

PlanetObserver global Earth imagery constitutes the perfect resource for IT applications, 2D and 3D navigation and simulation solutions, web mapping, print and film, museographic applications (interactive animations, thematic exhibitions ), etc.

About PlanetObserver

Founded in 1989, the Clermont-Ferrand based company PlanetObserver specializes in satellite imagery processing and in the production of global natural true colour Earth imagery datasets. PlanetObserver imagery is widely used in many application sectors ranging from IT applications, cartography and web mapping, special events, museographic applications to the media sector. For more information, visit

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