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Planetek’s new distribution agreements for TripleSat and RADARSAT-2 images

Bari, Italy, 8th January 2018.
Planetek has signed two Distribution Agreements with the companies Twenty First Century Aerospace Technology (21AT Asia) and MDA Geospatial Services for the distribution of global imagery collected by TripleSat and RADARSAT-2 satellites.

21AT Asia is the provider of the commercial high-resolution optical TripleSat Earth imagery. The constellation consists of three identical satellites and imagery is available at 0.8 m resolution. The satellites are 120° apart around the same orbit and are able to target daily any point of the Earth with an acquisition capacity of half million km² per day.

MDA Geospatial Services is a Canadian corporation providing high-resolution RADARSAT-2 imagery. RADARSAT-2 is the highest-capacity commercial synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellite in the world, providing images of the Earth through darkness and clouds at spatial resolutions ranging from 1 to 100 m, providing coverage from 144 to 250.000 km² in a single scene.

The satellite provides a range of imaging options, including co-polarization (HH), vertical co-polarization (VV) and cross-polarization (HV or VH).
This new agreement adds further opportunities to Planetek capacity to meet customer monitoring needs in a wide range of application and with unprecedent ability to provide timely and customized geospatial products and services.

Planetek Italia clients can count on data and services derived by world’s leading satellite data providers, thanks to the distribution agreements signed also with Airbus Defence & Space, DigitalGlobe, Planet Labs and Deimos Imaging.

For further information contact Planetek Italia at Tel. +39.0809644200 or by mail at: sales @
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