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Planetek Italia: 25 years devoted to simplifying the complexity of Space.

In 1994, four young professionals believed in the potential of Earth Observation and geospatial information to do business with and founded Planetek Italia, establishing their activities in Bari, Italy.

So, 25 years ago on January 14th, Giovanni Sylos Labini, Mariella Pappalepore, Sergio Samarelli and Vincenzo Barbieri started providing products and services in the fields of Earth Observation and Space. And this is still the company’s challenge.

Nowadays, Planetek Italia employs 50 men and women, passionate and skilled in Geoinformatics, Space Solutions and Earth Sciences. The company leads a group of companies based in Italy and Greece and is active in both national and international markets.

There are a lot of milestones in the Company’s history. The EARSC European EO Services Company of the Year Award for 2017 represents a special reward for its unceasing commitment in EO and Space sectors.

Celebrating 25 years in business
Throughout 2019, Planetek Italia will celebrate its 25-year long history in business by promoting a series of events at national and international levels. Stay tuned with Planetek’s activities and support us with your likes and comments, following #Planetek25 and #BackToTheFutureEO hashtags on our channels: