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PCI Geomatics

PCI News on Geospatial Leadership Award, ESRI’s Business Partner Program and Geospatial Web Conferencing Technology

PCI Geomatics Wins Geospatial Leadership Award

PCI Geomatics has won the Geospatial Innovator Award from GeoTec Media for its ProLines GeoImaging Server, as announced at the GeoTec Event in Vancouver, BC. The category of the ‘Geospatial Innovator Award’ recognizes geospatial tool developers that have created new software or hardware that expands the possibilities of the geospatial industry. Final nominees were selected from a large pool of applicants nominated by the GeoTec media audience.

Launched in April 2009, the ProLines GeoImaging Server is based on a GPU/CUDA implementation, and has successfully demonstrated the ability to automatically orthorectify 3TBs of imagery per day (approximately equivalent to all of Europe), with plans to demonstrate an 11TB per day system by the end of 2009.

For more information on the ProLines GeoImaging Server

PCI Geomatics Joins ESRI’s Business Partner Program

PCI Geomatics has joined the ESRI Business Partner Program. Together with ESRI, they will provide users with optimized desktop and server based workflows for correcting commercial satellite imagery along with tools for processing and analyzing radar imagery.

PCI Geomatics will produce software that is integrated closely with ArcGIS. This will allow both ESRI and PCI users to capitalize on their imagery investments and expand their use of geo-imaging and geospatial data.

PCI Geomatics Releases GeoConference® – Geospatial Web Conferencing Technology

PCI Geomatics announced the release of its geospatial web conferencing technology, GeoConference Version 3.0, a software solution which enables groups to share and view maps and images interactively over the web, in real-time. The benefits of GeoConference include: a cost-effective way to share maps, exchange information and simultaneously receive feedback from colleagues in real-time, reduce travel expenditures, easy set up and implementation, secure distribution of geospatial data without replication, use of open data standards and integration with other geomatics technology.

For more information on GeoConferencing