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PCI Geomatics news

PCI Geomatics Software Supports RapidEye Sensor

As the industry leader in supporting satellite sensors, PCI Geomatics has included support for RapidEye in its Geomatica 10.2.1 version release. RapidEye is a constellation of five sun-synchronous Earth Observation satellites which provide large area, multi-spectral images with frequent revisits in high resolution collecting multi-spectral data in 5 meter pixel size. RapidEye is the first commercial sensor which makes available the red-edge wavelength, useful for detecting changes in chlorophyll content, giving insight into vegetation health.

RapidEye is supported by the Satellite Ortho Suite in Geomatica 10.2.1, which is currently available from PCI Geomatics.

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PCI Geomatics Announces New Upgrade to its Geomatica Software Including its Advanced SAR Polarimetry Workstation

PCI announced the availability of an upgrade to its remote sensing and image processing software. Geomatica® 10.2.1 is the latest version of the image-centric desktop software which provides users with additional satellite sensor support as well as new functionality for the SAR Polarimetric Workstation (SPW).Additional support for the high resolution X-band SAR imagery provided by TerraSAR-X is also included in this upgrade.

The SPW provides a complete set of tools and applications designed specifically for the processing and analysis of Polarimetric SAR (POLSAR) data, and version 2.1 is now available and compatible with Geomatica 10.2.1. This includes the Touzi Discriminators which make it easier to detect a particular target in a Polarimetric SAR image. The Touzi Decomposition introduces new parameters which remove certain ambiguities not previously understood and provide vastly superior results as compared to conventional algorithms. Additionally, the SPW now supports the following sensors: Radarsat-2, Cosmo Sky-Med and TeraSAR-X.

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PCI Geomatics Hosts Exclusive Solutions Seminar in Brussels to Introduce its GeoImaging Accelerator Technology

PCI Geomatics held an exclusive seminar in Brussels on June 22 which featured news and information on PCI’s leading edge solutions technology, specifically, the new GeoImaging Accelerator (GXL) a solution for fast, reliable image processing. The GeoImaging Accelerator combines high-performance computing with PCI Geomatics expertise to provide a significant improvement in speed and efficiency.

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