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Off-the-shelf availability of French cities imagery at 12,5cm GSD

After announcing the existence of its aeroGRID® French Cities programme, Aerodata is now pleased to announce the availability of the first set of brand new aerial photo datasets at 12,5cm GSD of various large French cities, metropolitan areas and suburbs.

(Feb 2007) Imagery of the following cities is now available off-the-shelf:
• Arles, the second city after Rome during the Roman Empire and also known as home to Vincent van Gogh
• Le Mans, known for the Le Mans 24-hours race
• the greater Lille area (Lille, Lens, Bethune, Arras) in the most northern department (state/province). Lille, the departments’ capital has spawned a lot of famous people, among which former general, resistance fighter and president of France, Charles de Gaulle.
• Limoges, known best for its medieval enamels on copper and its oak barrels for Cognac production
• Lourdes, near the Pyrenees in the south and the largest Catholic place of pilgrimage in France
• Nancy, a major Art Nouveau city
• Nimes, famous textile town and name giver of Denim, the fabric of blue jeans
• Orléans, a former Roman city freed from siege during the Hundred Years’ War by Jeanne d’Arc in 1429 and much visited by tourists for its impressive Cathédrale Sainte-Croix built in 1278.
• Poitiers, where the “Battle of Poitiers” was fought in 1356 during the Hundred Years’ War
• Reims, home to many famous Champagne houses
• Rennes, capital of the Bretagne region
Please keep visiting our site for updates regarding aerial imagery availibity.
As with all other Aerodata data sets, the end product will be included in the aeroGRID® archives, and will be made available for any interested party both online and offline.
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