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OceanSAR 2006

Final Call for Abstracts OceanSAR 2006, the Third Workshop on Coastal and Marine Applications of SAR, will be held in St. John‘s
(Newfoundland, Canada) on October 23-25.

This is the final call for
abstracts for this workshop; the abstract deadline is June 30, 2006.
Abstracts can be submitted online at
The participants of the previous workshops identified the need for a set of robust tools that can be made available for systematic marine monitoring and operational applications. OceanSAR 2006 will build on these prior recommendations and offer a venue both for scientists to present the findings of their current research and for operational maritime end-users to present their information needs. The Canadian Space Agency (ASC), the Canadian Ice Service (CIS), C-CORE and MDA are organizing the event.
For more information visit or contact Desmond Power