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NPA News

New 2007 OBS Studies

During 2006 and 1Q, 2007, NPA have added large volumes of new data to our Global Offshore Seep Database in a variety of basins across the world, as listed below. For the remainder of 2007, NPA will continue to add new data by screening several large areas, as indicated by the yellow-shaded areas in our global coverage map. The focus area will be in East Asia (Area 10), to provide 100% coverage of China and Korea waters and Arctic Russia (Area 8) with an initial focus on the prospective Laptev Sea and the North Sakhalin and Okhotsk Sea regions.
In parallel, NPA will be providing seep screening projects for on-going or planned licencing rounds. To date, NPA have compiled a number of licence-specific studies combining existing and new data, as follows:
Guinea Bissau 3rd Licencing Round Study, 2007
South Africa Study (2007 re-demarcation of licences)
• Great South Basin Bid Round Study, New Zealand
• September 2006 Licencing Round Study, offshore Papua New Guinea
Further information can be found on the global catalogue pages, or directly from the NPA OBS team.
Recent 2006/2007 regional study additions to the database are (from west to east):
• Alaska North Slope and Beaufort Sea.
• Labrador Sea, Canada.
• West Caribbean, Colombia and Panama.
• Argentina.
• Kanumas/East Greenland.
• Iberian Peninsula.
• Andamans/Myanmar.
• Western Indonesia – including Java and Sumatra forearcs.
• Gulf of Carpenteria, Australia.
• Irian Jaya/Gulf of Papua.
• Circum New Zealand – coastal basins.

JMJ Petroleum-NPA Link
JMJ Petroleum, now Singapore-based, have agreed to develop joint projects in the S.E. Asia region, both on and offshore.
A regional, geotectonic, map of South-East Asia is being prepared for the Seapex 2007 conference in April, combining data supplied by NPA, JMJ, DIGS and IHS.
DIGS-NPA Agreement
Dickson International Geosciences (DIGS) and NPA signed an agreement to exchange information in specified regions, such as West Africa. A poster on this area entitled “Doing The Geochemical “Cotton Eye Joe” In West Africa (Niger Delta To Angola): Identifying The Source Of Radarsat Slicks With Piston Cores, Oil Samples, Potential Fields And Near-surface Seismic” will be presented at the 2007 AAPG meeting in Long Beach, California, which will also include data supplied by TDI-Brooks International, Geochemical Solutions Int., and Grizzly Geosciences.
(Source NPA Group)