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NPA becomes part of the Fugro Group

NPA has become part of the Fugro Group

Fugro is the world’s pre-eminent group of companies offering services in the geo-sciences. Fugro supply information about the earth’s surface, soils and rocks to the oil, mining, survey and construction sectors, working on land, at sea and from the air, and as from today – by satellite!

The Fugro Group is based in Holland and comprises more than 300 operating companies in 50 countries employing 12,000 people.

NPA will continue to operate as a discrete company from Crockham Park, with David Morten as Managing Director and our focus will remain on building existing client relationships and services in the exploration and civil engineering fields. Nigel Press will remain as Chairman.

However, NPA also expect to benefit from the wide-ranging synergies that exist with other Fugro companies particularly in the oil & gas and mining sectors, and of special importance will be the possibility of better outreach with NPA InSAR services into areas such as reservoir monitoring, geodetic survey, tunneling, infrastructure management and groundworks which are already extensively covered by Fugro group companies around the world. Nigel Press will in particular be involved with exploring opportunities for these synergies and developing new methods and application areas for using satellite data for the geosciences and earth resource management.

NPA is the longest established satellite mapping specialist in Europe, founded by Nigel Press in 1972. NPA specialize in the interpretation of satellite imagery for exploration and geo-science applications, and in recent years have developed particular expertise in the exploitation of satellite radar imagery for offshore exploration and onshore geo-hazards investigation.

For more information please contact:
Chairman Nigel Press or
Managing Director David Morten

Tel: +44 (0) 1732 865023