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NGA Provides Flood and Damage Assessments of Louisiana and Surrounding Areas

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency is producing flood and damage assessments for areas in the southern U.S. at the request of the Federal Emergency Management Agency to aid in response and recovery efforts.

NGA is providing geospatial analysis of areas affected by the flood, primarily in Louisiana and along its Texas border. NGA has produced over 2,200 assessments, highlighting affected and destroyed properties (residential and non-residential) as well as sections of roads that have become impassable. This analysis is critical to the state, local, and federal emergency response officials in allocating resources for the overall effort.

“Our value to the FEMA response is the flood and damage assessments we’re providing using geospatial data,” said Brian Cameron, NGA team lead and FEMA liaison. “FEMA uses our products to determine and prioritize affected populated areas in need of assistance. NGA’s analysis assists state officials in determining evacuation routes based on impassable roads and inundated areas.”

As of March 16, NGA has identified over 1100 homes and non-residential buildings that have been affected by the floods, over 1000 buildings that were destroyed, over 500 sections of roads that have become impassable and analyzed a total flooded area of more than 500 square miles.

One of NGA’s core mission sets is providing accurate and timely geospatial intelligence to first responders in the wake of natural disasters. NGA supports humanitarian and disaster relief efforts by working directly with the lead federal agencies responding to fires, floods, earthquakes, landslides, hurricanes or other natural or manmade disasters.