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New TerraExplorer version 6.1.

Feb 2012

TerraExplorer Viewer
With TerraExplorer Viewer, users can navigate and analyze high resolution 3D world environments created by fusing aerial and satellite photography, terrain elevation data and other 2D and 3D information layers.

  • View all terrain data and terrain overlays in 3D with 6 degrees of movement
  • Create and share screenshots, movies and dynamic presentations
  • Add and edit points, lines and polygons
  • Add kml/kmz files and fly files
  • Measure and analyze your 3D terrain (slopes, flows, transects, contours, line of sight, …)
  • Analyze shadows
  • Integrate TerraExplorer into your own application or website
  • Let people based on different locations collaborate on the same dynamic 3D view

TerraExplorer Plus
With TerraExplorer Plus, users can import raster and feature layers and convert them directly in 3D and perform advanced editing functionality and run Tools and Extensions that utilize the comprehensive TerraExplorer Pro API.

  • Includes all TerraExplorer Viewer functions
  • Availability of drawing tools
  • Import geo-referenced images, elevation data and vector layers
  • Link up with spatial database formats and OGC web services
  • Easily add 2D, 3D, dynamic and terrain objects and link them to applicable time ranges
  • Set the appearance of the environment in the 3D Window: fog, sky, clouds & water effects

TerraExplorer Pro
Adds publishing capability, editing tools for all supported objects and feature layer advanced operations.

  • Includes all TerraExplorer Plus functions
  • Advanced drawing tools (pipes, power lines, …)
  • Modify terrain
  • Integrate video on terrain or on billboard
  • Create and edit vector layers or upload geographic data to a server using Web Feature Services (WFS-t)

Download the TerraExplorer Pro data sheet

Compare versions
TerraExplorer contains many functions. Some features are only available in TerraExplorer Plus or TerraExplorer Pro.

Download the comparison table