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New issue of the Mercator Ocean Journal

The latest issue of the Mercator Ocean Journal is now available! You can access it by clicking on this link:


  • Introduction: MyOcean2 and MyOcean Follow-On projects
  • MyOcean user service
  • Evolution of the catalogue of products during MyOcean 2 and MyOcean Follow-On
  • Main achievements on MyOcean global and regional prediction systems
  • MyOcean regional reanalyses: overview of reanalyses systems and main results
  • Main achievements for MyOcean satellite thematic assembly centers
  • Main achievements for MyOcean in situ thematic assembly center
  • Main achievements for Nemo evolution during MyOcean period
  • Product quality achievements within MyOcean

This issue is dedicated to the main outcomes of the MyOcean2 and Follow-On projects. The EC/FP7 MyOcean2 and H2020 MyOcean Follow-On projects covering the April 2012 to May 2015 period have paved the way for the current Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service